Sunday, 13 July 2014

Wellington City Library BOOKS GO ARTY CHALLENGE

The Tawa Intermediate Art Academy has just completed an exciting project for the Wellington City Library!
Our sculpture is now being exhibited at the library and can be seen in the children's book section.

OUR BRIEF: To create a sculptural work in response to a story by the amazing author Kyle Mewburn.

We Chose the eco fable Luther and the Cloud Makers 

Our challenges were that our sculpture had to be:
Made from RECYCLED / RE-USED Materials.


Our process:

Research / Inspiration 

Artist Nina Lingren, Cardboard

Street artist Mark Jenkins, Sellotape
    Artist Jeff Thomson, Corrugated iron

Analysing  /  Generating Ideas

Hannah's drawing

Jode's drawing

Kohu's drawing

Kevin's drawing

Louie's drawing

Anna's drawing

Lauren's drawing

Experimenting with materials
Problem solving

Refining / Developing
Being patient and going for it!!!

Collaborating / Constructing...
More problem solving

THEN....     7 weeks and Many cardboard boxes latter
Our Belching Booming Cloud making 
Machine has been created

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